abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GMBH was founded in 1981 by Dipl.-Ing. Werner Aulig, Dipl.-Ing. Peter Berg and Dipl.-Ing. Werner Hesse. Today, under it’s owners – managing directors, Dipl. Ing. Peter Berg and Dipl. Ing. Werner Hesse, abh has a team of more than 20 engineers consultants, engineering firms and research institutes in Germany and abroad.
abh's principal activity is the design of ships for newbuilding projects, from conceptual design through contract drawings to basic design drawings and control tapes or disks for plate cutting machines.
abh's head office
Drawings and diagrams are generated almost entirely by CAD. At the client's option, drawings are executed with German or English text or both, with metric or inch-measure dimensions. Detail drawings are carefully adapted to the client's requirements regarding level of detail and shipyard standards.
For more than 20 years, abh has built up experience in the design of multi-purpose geared and gearless container vessels of fewer than 100 TEU up to 3,000 TEU, including vessels with heavy cargo capability or open-top cargo holds; some of these designs are presented farther below. In addition to this speciality, abh designed RoRo/LoLo vessels, paper carriers, gas tankers, ferries, river-seagoing vessels, buoy tenders, dredgers, research vessels, offshore vessels, semi-integrated and heavy-lift deck barges.
Based on its expertise in the design of a broad range of ship types, abh also performs design support tasks for ship conversions. Examples are increases in the operating draft and/or length of several RoRo and passenger vessels, the conversion of a 12,000 tdw railferry into a railway/RoRo/passenger ferry; conversions of supply boats and offshore platforms. In both newbuilding and conversion, abh's design work is frequently supplemented by planning and purchasing support services for the client shipyard.
Another area of expertise is shock and vibration analysis. Building on its experience in naval work, abh formed in 1981 a division, which consults in the design of equipment for high shock and vibration requirements as well as in the formal proof of its compliance with pertinent specifications. abh's services usually include the co-ordination of design tasks at the client's interfaces with suppliers, subcontractors and authorities. A speciality of abh are structural analyses by Finite Element Methods, often in combination with design tasks, for commercial and naval vessels as well as for other complex structures. Examples of such work are FEM analyses of a link span for vehicles of up to 80 t, mooring attachments of a 33,000 t floating dock, a floating dock bridge for a 40 t SWL crane, the helical duct of a high-efficiency pump jet.
During the last few years, abh extended its FEM activities to industrial work. Assignments were executed for both operators and engineering firms in connection with refineries, chemical plants, and steel mills. Typical design and FEM analysis tasks in this and other fields were piping systems, a mobile semi-submersible control tower for positioning pre-fabricated submerged tunnel sections, escape bridges for a chemicals pier, a large market hall, several bascule bridges of up to 20 m span, support structures for navigational beacons in a river estuary.
Inquiries for services broadly within or comparable to the scope outlined above are invited.
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