Scrubber Retrofit

Both in the area of new building and retrofitting, we can prove successful projects for open loop, closed loop and hybrid systems. For the new building, the plant integration is part of the design process, in the case of retrofitting the as built status must be the basis for the integration. For this we create a model based on a 3D- laser scan of all affected areas. The scan is done with own scanners and our own experienced operators. All required components are integrated into the 3D- model under a tracking collision control.

After the arrangement planning has been completed, the design of the foundations of the components and the isometry of the pipelines will take place. The high degree of detail of the design allows the prefabrication of all relevant components, so that the time frame for installation at the shipyard can be kept as short as possible.

There are two different options for placing the scrubber unit itself:

  • In funnel solution, if there is enough space for the integration of the unit (rearrangement of existing pipes might be necessary)
  • Backpack solution, an additional casing can be attached to the outside of the existing funnel. For this casing the complete design, FEM calculation, basic and detailed design, shop drawing and nesting is part of our engineering services.