3D Scan

abh Ingenieur Technik GmbH owns and operates a 3D-Scanner.

The 3D-Scanner can create precise measurements of objects and/or their relative distances to each other. 

It can be used to create 3D scans of the interior/exterior of your facility/ship.

These 3D scans can help you with conversion planning of all kinds, such as

  • BWTS
  • scrubber
  • modifications of components and pipelines
  • even up to the creation of “virtual twins”

all in high resolution and precision. 

This allows to manufacture spare parts identical to those scanned, installation processes to be clearly depicted, shorter fitting times or external training courses to be set up.

Not only that, but the 3D Scanner is also versatile in its use cases.

It can be used in

  • real estate
  • construction working
  • interior design
  • storage rooms
  • virtual real estate visiting

Real estate virtualisiation is allowed because the 3D scanner is able to reproduce the environment in all its details.

Abh Emden has a lot of experience in 3D scanning, which is needed to achieve precise and highly valuable results.

Here are some results

We are excited to be able to represent your surroundings with our advanced 3D-Scan technology.

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