abh Project 1051

Main Dimensions
Length over all abt. 156.60 m
Breadth moulded abt. 65.00 m
Depth to main deck abt. 42.50 m
Depth to platform deck abt. 8.65 m
Draught (Transfer Sea) abt. 12.00 m
Draught (Transfer River) abt. 10.00 m Draught (max) abt. 30.00 m
Pay load abt. 9 400 t
Service Speed abt. 9 kn
Winch Lifting Capacity total 8 000 t

Environmental conditions at submerged Operation
Max. Water Draught abt. 30.00 m
Wave height significant abt. 2.50 m
Max. Current abt. 1.50 kn
Wind Speed abt. 8.65 m

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abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH is an owner-operated medium-sized engineering consultant based in the port city of Emden, Northern Germany.

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