The aim of the project is to develop a scientific and technological platform to prepare the market penetration of Flettner rotors on various types of ships as a contribution to lower-emission shipping.

In this context, the aim is to find an optimal configuration of the interaction of Flettner rotors with the main propulsion system and to adapt the ship design so that the Flettner rotors can be operated highly efficiently.




01/2023 – 12/2025

Project Manager:

Alwin Höpfner


Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

Project administration:

Project Management Jülich



For this purpose, two ship types (multi-purpose and heavy lift ship) are to be designed in which the Flettner rotor is intended from the outset as an integral part of the ship and can develop its optimum effect. Particular focus will be placed on the aerodynamic adaptation of the surface vessel to ensure optimum flow to the Flettner rotors. In addition, work will be done on the best possible integration of the Flettner rotor foundations into the ship’s design. Furthermore, necessary adaptations of the main propulsion system and the integration of Flettner rotors into the power management system will be worked out.

In cooperation with our project partners, design principles for Flettner rotor ships will be developed, which can be used to integrate Flettner rotor technology on other ship types beyond the sample ship

types developed in the project. These design principles are the key to the so-called FlettnerFLEET, i.e. a fleet of ships that can be equipped with Flettner rotors.

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