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Our scope of supply includes all services that may be necessary in the course of a ship’s life. These are in particular, but not exclusively:
Class renewals / change of class
Change of flag
Obtain special permit (e.g. open top shipping)
Retrofits (extensions, scrubber and much more)
Assessments of shipbuilding projects and maritime accidents
Execution of “on board tasks” as 3D-scans or inclining tests)
Preparation of safety-relevant documentation, e.g. damage control booklets, fire control plans, ship security plans, etc.


Since 2018 abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH owns and operates a 3D-Scanner.

In case you have any questions do not hesitate and get in touch.

Captures the whole ship or seperate areas
 Best solution for retrofit
3D-Visualisation technology
 Precise scan of objects and their relative distances to each other

Ship design and construction
Ship design
Heavy lifter
Research vessels
Inland vessels
Government vessels
Ship conversion and retrofitting
LNG retrofit
Bulbous bow optimization
Crane retrofits
and much more
Calculations and optimization
FEM strength calculations of shipbuilding and steel structures
CFD calculations relating to the hydrodynamic characteristics of floating structures (new constructions and conversions)
Hydrostatic calculations (floating stability) of ships and other floating structures
Simulation calculations for offshore installation, e.g. calculations of the forces and strains in the laying of submarine cables
Freeboard calculations and preparation of closure plan reports

Consulting for/planning of shipbuilding projects
Supervision of new constructions and conversions

Special construction
Preparation of design documentation for steel structures

Offshore jacket structures
Pontoon lifts for lock gates
Steel constructions
and more..

Scrubber Retrofit
Both in the area of new building and retrofitting, we can prove successful projects for open loop, closed loop and hybrid systems. For the new building, the plant integration is part of the design process, in the case of retrofitting the as built status must be the basis for the integration. For this we create a model based on a 3D- laser scan of all affected areas. The scan is done with own scanners and our own experienced operators. All required components are integrated into the 3D- model under a tracking collision control.

After the arrangement planning has been completed, the design of the foundations of the components and the isometry of the pipelines will take place. The high degree of detail of the design allows the prefabrication of all relevant components, so that the time frame for installation at the shipyard can be kept as short as possible.

There are two different options for placing the scrubber unit itself:
In funnel solution, if there is enough space for the integration of the unit (rearrangement of existing pipes might be necessary)
Backpack solution, an additional casing can be attached to the outside of the existing funnel. For this casing the complete design, FEM calculation, basic and detailed design, shop drawing and nesting is part of our engineering services.

In 2004 the IMO adopted the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments. The Convention entered into force on 8 September 2017. The Ballast Water Management Convention stipulates that all ships in international shipping must manage their ballast water in accordance with a shipspecific ballast water management plan to a certain standard.

Currently, about 40,000 ships will have to install a ballast water management system within the next 2-4 years. The peak demand could be between 2020 and 2022 for over 10,000 ships per year.

abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH has already implemented numerous projects and as an independent partner has supported various ship owners in the retrofitting of ballast water treatment systems. abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH does not represent any specific technology or specific manufacturer.

abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH uses a 3D-scanner to generate the As Built Stand. All required areas are captured by the 3D-scanner, the generated point cloud is used to evaluate and check the different installation variants. Based on this point cloud abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH creates a 3D arrangement planning with all components of the ballast water treatment system including all pipelines.

The scope of supply also includes the preparation of the Bill of Material, isometrics, updates of the PIDs and all classically relevant documents.

abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH is an experienced partner who will gladly support you in all phases of the retrofitting or new installation of the Ballast Water Treatment System.

Assessments of ship­building projects and maritime accidents

We will be happy to provide you with assessments relating to shipbuilding projects and maritime accidents. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Dipl.-Ing. Werner Hesse

Naval architect
Publicly appointed and sworn expert of the IHK Ostfriesland und Papenburg for shipbuilding projects and maritime damages.

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