A SEEMP is intended to be a practical instrument allowing shipowners to evaluate their vessels and fleets performance and to reveal optimisation potential in operating.

In 2011 the IMO has taken lead to improve energy efficiency and made the SEEMP mandatory for new and existing ships above 400 GT. In 2021 the enhanced SEEMP regulation was adopted which requires all ships above 5000 GT and on international voyages to carry on board an approved implementation plan from January 2023 showing how to reach the required CII.

A first step in developing a SEEMP consists of analysing the actual state of the vessel by checking all aspects of energy consumption and their cause. Furthermore, a goal should be set, and improvement potential analysed.

Another part of the SEEMP is the quantitative monitoring of the fuel oil consumption over time. This allows to evaluate peaks and downs of the ships efficiency and enables operators to plan voyages accordingly.

It is certainly possible for operators to develop a SEEMP but here at abh we have all the necessary competences and insights in Energy Efficient technologies, so that we can assist you with advice and action in developing your Energy Efficiency strategy and the corresponding SEEMP!

The SEEMP consists of four continuous processes needed to achieve better energy efficiency of your vessel

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation

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