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With more than four decades of experience in designing, constructing and optimizing vessels and Offshore technologies abh is definetly the right partner if you are facing technical issues regarding a maritime project. Combining our know-how from the traditional shipbuilding industry with state-of the Art software tools and innovative Ideas leads to tailor made solutions for our customers and partners, always in compliance with the prevailing rules and regulations.

The expansive portfolio of the company includes many different ship types, covering Container Ships, RoPax Ferries and special purpose vessels like dredgers and heavy lifters. From General Arrangement scetches to detailed ship designs, from hydrostatic over hydrodynamic to structural calculations and design we offer all services, always achieving the customers requirements.

With focus on upcoming regulations concerning benefits of shipping for society (EEXI), the reduction of emissions has become a crucial part in the design process of a vessel. In the next years ship owners and shipping companies will have to take meassures to improve the energy efficiency of ships to be able to attain the index required for class approval. During the years abh has developped a wide expertise on this field, which makes us the the perfect associate for consulting and finding solutions for your vessel to comply with the required Index.

Highly Efficient ship designs with reduced emmissions like LNG or wind-powered vessels are part of our daily routine. Furthermore we offer innovative solutions for the Offshore industry like the HEWIS project- a patented technology developped by abh to prevent scouring in Offshore wind farms.

Our realized Projects

Ocean Perch 2.0 5.000 TDW Coaster

Find out more about the „Ocean Perch 2.0″

8500 TDW Haddock

our 8500 tdw haddock

1400 TEU “Blue Shark”

Our 1400 TEU “Blue Shark”

Eco-Heavy-Lifter 12.000 tdw

Eco-Heavy-Lifter 12.000 tdw

Ocean Perch 5000 tdw Coaster

Coaster “Ocean Perch”

abh Project 2265 (Ocean Perch)

Coaster “Ocean Perch”

abh Project 1445

Arctic Cruiser MS „Orion“

abh Project 0862

Transshipper „Isken“

abh Project 0938

Offshore Installation Jackup-Platform „Odin“

abh Project 1051


abh Project 1416

Wattenmeer Fähre Frisia III

abh Project 1010

Cutterdredger Pirat X

abh Project 1274

7000 TEU Container – ECO Super Box

abh Project 1423

5.500 TEU Reefer Container

abh Project 1614

4.000 TEU Reefer Container

abh Project 1105

3.400 TEU Maxbox Container

abh Project 1677

3.000 TEU Container, ECO-Feeder

abh Project 1035

2.800 TEU Bigbox-Container

abh Project 1704

1.800 TEU Container, ECO-Feeder

abh Project 1880

2700 TEU LNG Reefer Queen

abh Project 1107

2.130 TEU Container, ECO-Feeder

abh Project 1046

1.400 TEU Container

abh Project 1566

1.600 TEU Container, ECO-Feeder

abh Project 1350

1.400 TEU TRI-Fuel-Container-Feeder

abh Project 1596

1.400 TEU Container, ECO-Feeder

abh Project 1222

1.100 TEU Container, Shallow Draft

abh Project 1254

2*1.200 t Heavy Lifter

abh Project 1014/1044

14.360 TDW MPC Heavy Lifter

abh Project 1459

2*550 t Crane ECO Heavy Lifter

abh Project 1119

12.000 TDW ECO Heavy Lifter

abh Project 1258

12.000 TDW ECO Heavy Lifter

abh Project 1016

7.000 TDW MPC Heavy Lifter

abh Project 0977

700 TEU Container

abh Project 1024

9.600 TDW Heavy Lifter

abh Project 1516

7.000 TDW MPC Heavy Lifter

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abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH is an owner-operated medium-sized engineering consultant based in the port city of Emden, Northern Germany.

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