abh INGENIEUR- TECHNIK GmbH is a partner of the H2Watt project cofinanced by INTERREG VA Deutschland-Nederland. The project aims to develop a cross-border technology cluster for the installation of real laboratories for the development of components, processes and systems for the efficient production, storage, use and transport of hydrogen in the Wadden Sea.

The aim of the H2Watt project is to prepare the economy on both sides of the border for the new requirements and potential arising from the introduction of the key technology hydrogen, and to advance technological development and knowledge transfer in the field of hydrogen economy.

Among others abh is included in the work packages:

  • „Borkumer Kleinbahn“
  • „water taxi“
  • Offshore residential area
  • Real laboratory

The respective work package covers the analysis of the technological feasibility of different concepts with the respective expected costs as a basis for decision making for a conversion to a hydrogen supply.

The individual measures include, among others:

  • hydrogen demand analysis
  • selection of storage technology
  • bunker system
  • safety technology
  • approvals.