Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII)

The CII is a part of the SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan)

While the EEXI is a one-time certification aiming to improve design parameters, the CII addresses the actual emissions in operation and quantifies the ships efficiency performance through a rating. It is mandatory from the 1st January of 2023 for all ships above 5000 GT to annually report their CII to the flag state or an authority duly authorized by it.

The rating thresholds will become increasingly stringent ( 2% every year until 2027), meaning a ship with an A-rating in 2023 could have a C rating in 2027 and so on.

Correction factors for several ship types are expected to be defined on MEPC78 in June 2022.

At abh we can assist you with CII calculation and forecast ensuring compliance for your vessel and avoid uncomfortable surprises.

Calculation of the CII

The CII is calculated by dividing the annual fuel consumption multiplied with a CO2 factor through the annual distance travelled multiplied by the capacity. Depending on the result the ship is rated with a scheme from A to E (A being the best rating). The minimum requirement is a C rating. Ships with a D rating for three consecutive years or an E rating need to provide a corrective action plan, showing ways to improve the CII.

CII rating development

If you look closely you can see that a ship rated as B in 2023 will be rated as C in 2025.

abh emden will provide you with a calculation that shows how the ship will be rated on this scale over the years.

Let us help you to forecast your vessels rating to assist you in preparing for necessary modifications in future.

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