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Emission reduction, energy efficiency, green shipping, ECA, MRV … these are just a few of the key words that are currently floating around the shipping industry, and their number will most likely increase in the future. Wind-assisted ship propulsion, based on the principle of the Flettner rotor, can make a substantial contribution to the goals of green shipping.

As part of the Interreg Europe’s MariGreen project, abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH is one of the partners in the subproject “Windship Engineering and Design.” In a previous project, a newly developed rotor has already proven its capability to save fuel in principle. The rotor will now be installed on the “Fehn Pollus” of the Fehn Ship Management in Leer, Germany, to show its efficiency in practice.
The project tasks of abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH include these work packages:
Design and stability
Integrity of the steel structure
Ship safety plans.
In addition to the technical proof of concept, the project results are expected to convey economic key figures, which will allow shipping companies to make an informed investment decision.

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abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH is an owner-operated medium-sized engineering consultant based in the port city of Emden, Northern Germany.

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