WASh2 Emden

abh is a partner in the WASh2Emden project funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure within the framework of the IHATEC program. In Addition to abh were project partners as well:

  • NPorts
  • Tyczka
  • DBI
  • Mariko

Wash2Emden is the synonym for „innovative and environmentally friendly hydrogen application in the seaport of Emden“. The aim of the project is the technical and economical analysis of the conversion of a port to a supply with renewable energies including green hydrogen as an energy source.

In addition to the management of the work package “Hydrogen infrastructure in the seaport of Emden” the involvement of abh in the project includes the following measures:

  • decentralized hybrid power generation in the seaport of Emden through wind energy and hydrogen reconversion
  • transformation process for machinery and equipment for the use of possibilities of a hydrogen
  • analysis of the electricity network/ gas network infrastructure
  • analysis of the required expansion of electricity network/ gas network with regard to hydrogen applications
  • investigation of the procedural requirements with regard to the analyzed hydrogen storage technologies
  • as well as the overall economic assessment.

The project was finalized in May 2020, a summary of the results is available in the form of a brochure.